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OK, I can’t wait any longer…

After putting my business on the back burner for several months to care for my dad and then tend to estate matters (including getting my parents’ house on the market), I’m so pleased to have my Etsy shop in order and filled with light at a time when our world really needs it! I’m thrilled to announce that my 2017 photography calendar is hot-off-the-press and available for purchase! It is loaded with inspiration and positive vibes!


This is an oversize, 12-month calendar that features one full-page, fine art nature photograph per month. (I selected scenes that really stopped me in my tracks and transported me to a place of awe.) The bottom page of each two-page monthly spread contains American and some Canadian and multicultural holidays, celestial events (full moons, new moons, supermoons, eclipses, meteor showers), and an original, inspirational quote at the bottom, along with a small image.


This year’s calendar is larger than those I’ve offered in previous years (9.5″x12.25″ closed and 19″x12.25″ open) and expands beyond my local geography. It is a tribute to my parents (my mom who died in 2014 followed by my dad last month), whose love of travel brought them together and endured throughout their 50-year marriage. In addition to images of the upper Hudson River that runs by my door, it also contains pictures of Lake Champlain, Vermont, the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, the North Shore of Massachusetts, Saratoga Springs (NY), Upstate New York waterfalls, and Fort Lauderdale Beach. In addition, it features images of my stone balance art and glorious Hudson River sunrises.

Here is some customer feedback I’ve received in the past few days:

“We just opened and went through the River Bliss 2017 calendar, page by page, reading each inspirational meditation. We love it! Can’t wait to give them as Christmas gifts. [My husband] wants me to tell you that it was exactly what he needed. It helped him to integrate art and spiritual contemplative awareness. Your photography talents and spiritual insights are truly treasured gifts to the world.”  –P.R., Cohoes, NY

“I just received your absolutely stunning calendar! Great eye, imagination, and attunement to the awesome Light of the World. A new paradigm must be available fast, and is better than despair. Your art is part of that already awakening empathy with nature!”  –L.B., Ithaca, NY

The calendar is printed professionally on extra heavy premium paper, and the binding is saddle-stitched. Price is $20/calendar.

1) From my Etsy shop:
2) Pay by credit card over the phone (518.312.1853)

In addition to my calendar, my shop also features:

  • Handmade stone tile coasters (including scenes from Saratoga Springs, my stone balance art by the sea, nature/landscapes, flowers, and serenity/zen)
  • Customized “attunement” and “spirit” lanterns to illuminate your spiritual intentions, qualities, and aspirations
  • A variety of star-themed lanterns
  • Beeswax balloon lanterns
  • A one-of-a-kind, handcrafted, birchbark-framed print
  • Nature photography prints and greeting cards

…because it’s all about LIGHT – photographing it, sharing it, and shining a light in the darkness!


For the second year in a row, I am offering beautiful stone tile and ceramic photo coasters! They are handmade from start to finish, and I have many different nature themed sets available. I also can create custom sets of your pictures or mine.


These travertine stone tile coasters measure 4”x4” and are durable and waterproof. The photos are mounted under a protective coating of high gloss epoxy resin and are backed with cork to protect your delicate surfaces.

Inspired by the coasters and my love of waterfalls and Adirondack-style birch bark and twig picture frames, I designed this piece for a community art show earlier this year.


After building the base from scratch, mounting the photograph, and covering it with resin, I constructed a birchbark frame around the photo and embellished it with twigs. Creating this piece was a joyful and satisfying process from start to finish!

I offer the calendar and photo products to share beauty and inspiration. I also offer spiritually-inspired lanterns to shine light in the darkness. Creating lanterns is a joyful meditation for me and a gift of light and peace to you.

I love to create larger “attunement” and smaller “spirit” lanterns! Each one is custom-made. Here is a spirit lantern I created for a customer this week, to illuminate her deepest aspirations and intentions.


And here is a larger “attunement” lantern I designed around the theme of abundance.

Attunement Lantern Miracle

I’m always inspired by people’s sacred words and themes and find it gratifying to create something to help them align with what’s most important…now more than ever. We’ve got to keep our light shining! The world needs it!

I’m also offering sets of enchanting Star Lanterns.


The set includes one larger dodecahedron lantern and two smaller, matching, eight-pointed star lanterns. The lanterns are made from sturdy, hand-painted watercolor paper and are folded and assembled with tender, loving care and precision and finished with sealant to make them extra sturdy. Insert an LED tealight (not included), and the 12-sided dodecahedron lantern casts a magical and stunning, starry glow in the room! Perfect for a child’s nightstand or wherever you’d like a peaceful glow. The dodecahedron lanterns have one side open and can be illuminated with the top open or closed (by turning it upside down). A variety of colors are available, and you can click HERE to order. I also sell dodecahedron lanterns on their own.


I also offer a Rainbow Star Lantern with transparent stars folded from German kite paper. The colors are brilliant when lit and create such a peaceful atmosphere in a room!


In addition to the calendar, photo coasters, and lanterns, I have a few other items for sale, including origami bouquets and finger labyrinths. I invite you to check out what I have to offer and share this blog post or my Etsy link with anyone who might be interested. Supporting my recently launched business helps me to make a living doing what I love, and all my “works of heart” are infused with spirit and positive vibes!

You can order through my Etsy shop, or email me at (please note that there is no hyphen in my email address even if this blog auto-hyphenates at the end of lines) to arrange Paypal or face-to-face transactions. Stop by my shop and have a look! I’d love to send some light, beauty, and inspiration your way!

I wish I could offer a spectacular discount like retail stores do at this time of year.  But I am just one person, an artist who is trying to make a living and help out my family.  I have a son in college, and a daughter and baby granddaughter who just yesterday relocated back home to escape an unsafe situation. Buying my work will help me to support my family and purchase the equipment I need to continue creating my art and publishing my first book, which means the world to me. That is what you are supporting when you purchase work from an independent artist. Every sale fills my heart with gratitude.

If you’re not doing so already, I invite you to follow me on Facebook and Instagram!

The photographs in this blog and in my Flickr photostream are available for purchase as prints or cards through my Etsy shop by selecting a “custom print” in whatever size you prefer and indicating either the name of the print or the blog post and order in which it appears.

© Susan Meyer and River Bliss Photography, 2016. SHARING IS CARING, and I appreciate my work being shared with others! Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Susan Meyer and River Bliss Photography ( Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material, including all text and photos, without express and written permission from this website’s author/owner is strictly prohibited. In other words, I put my heart and soul into my writing and photography and want to be credited for it and have some traffic sent my way. It’s the high vibration thing to do!  🙂 

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