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Willow Tree Happy Hour

Every day offers something new to fall in love with. For a while now, I’ve been smitten with willows. I have watched their hippie hair change from light auburn to golden, to golden green embellished with millions of tiny, bright green bows and ribbons. The flexible branches are what I love most about willow trees. They dance so gracefully with the wind, not fighting or resisting but allowing.

I wasn’t able to get over the way two willow trees looked a couple evenings ago during the golden hour. If my mother hadn’t been in the car at the time, I would have stopped right then to photograph them. Instead, I admired them out loud and glanced at the clock to note the exact time when the sun’s kiss enchanted the willows. I hoped the conditions would be similar the following evening, and planned to return.

Throughout the next day, I thought of the sun-kissed willows and hoped I would be so fortunate again. After eating dinner, they beckoned, calling: NOW! Come see us play with the wind and sun! So I went.

This is my happy hour – the time I look forward to every day, when I go in search of magic moments in nature. The first stop on my expedition was (of course) the willow trees blowing in the wind in front of a sky canvas that was even more vibrant than the previous evening.

En route to the willows, I noticed a maple tree with sunlit leaves in front of an old church – so that was my next stop.

It happened to be exactly 6:00 when I got out of my car in front of the church, and the church bells serenaded me the whole time I was on the lawn taking pictures. This was the most magical moment of the evening. When the sun went behind a cloud and altered the lighting, I decided to head back to the car – and just then, the music stopped!

Wanting to see mountains and big sky, I took the long way home.

Then I stopped to smell the flowers

…and returned home, my battery charged and humming with willow and flower power.

This evening, I was drawn to willows once again.

I expect to be fascinated with willows until I have learned what they have to teach me.

And then something new and just as wonderful will catch my eye.


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