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Clutter Coaching and Feng Shui Services 

I am delighted to now offer Clutter Coaching, Feng Shui Consultation, and Energy Clearing!

If you would like some help clearing the clutter from your home and your life and enhancing energy flow for positive transformation and enLIGHTENment, please contact me for details ( This can be done either in-person or remotely. It is an invitation to align the energy of your home with who you are now and who you want to become, and an opportunity to let go of SO MUCH, on so many levels. It’s not just about the stuff. The process generates momentum and also addresses time clutter, relationship clutter, technology clutter, and mind/thought clutter. You will hone your ability to discern what sparks joy and to make decisions and take action, which is very empowering!

Decluttering my home and life probably has been the most transformative journey of my entire adult life since becoming a mother nearly 25 years ago. The difference between “before” and “after” is astonishing! The energy in my home feels so much more uplifted and flowing, and the greatest surprise is that I haven’t reverted to my old habits at all! My process is a deep one that incorporates guided visualization, or “inner journeys” that get you to the core of your clutter and your relationship to your stuff.

I’m passionate about helping others experience this kind of energy shift. Although decluttering is wonderful anytime, it can be especially timely for people who are transitioning into a new chapter or who feel stuck or weighed down by clutter. I would love to be your guide and cheerleader and help you release what no longer serves you and create space for new energy to flow into your life. Together, we will create meaningful letting-go and space-clearing rituals. We will honor who you have been, acknowledge who you have become, and envision who you are in the process of becoming!

A feng shui consultation is a wonderful way to enhance the energy flow in your home and focus on specific areas of your home and life you’d like to improve. It’s like acupuncture for the home. We will work together to remove energy blocks and set new intentions to create a home that truly supports your highest vision for your life.


Here is a Facebook Live video I made when I was about 1/3 of the way through my home decluttering journey. At that point, I was learning about decluttering on my own and wasn’t working with a teacher yet, but it gives you a sense of what clutter-clearing is like when you’re actually in the process of it. 


Mindful Self-Care Workshops for Adults

There are some exciting, new developments coming down the river! I am busy creating a series of in-person (available now) and online (available soon) Mindful Self-Care workshops, including:

  • Decluttering Your Home and Life: Clearing Space for Something Wonderful
  • Envisioning Your Life: Supercharging your Dreams and Desires 
  • Engaging the Magic of Gratitude
  • Loving Yourself: The Essential and Unselfish Art of Tender Loving Self-Care
  • The Miracle of Mindfulness: Awakening Presence

The in-person workshops are ready to roll! The online versions will be available soon! Please subscribe to my mailing list to receive updates, or contact me at 


Children’s Workshops and Courses

These kid-tested classes were developed around what I was most passionate about as a classroom teacher. I still love to connect children of all ages with mindfulness and social-emotional learning, art, and nature! Contact me at for more details.

  • The Very Inspired Artist: Eric Carle Style Collage This three-session workshop begins by watching Eric Carle create his painted tissue paper collage illustrations and ends with students completing an Eric Carle-inspired ocean collage based on his picture book, Mister Seahorse, that is suitable for framing. The process involves creating painted background papers and multilayered, painted collage papers and then cutting out the shapes, putting it all together, and embellishing with pens and glitter. It is highly engaging and explorative and produces an impressive finished product students will be proud of! (Grade 3 and up)
  • The Magic of Mindfulness This multi-session course is inspired by well-researched curriculum I implemented with my kindergartners for a number of years and is adapted to a variety of age groups. It introduces participants to the neuroscience of mindfulness (“how our brain works”) and a variety of mindfulness practices, including breathing and calming exercises, mindfulness of the five senses and emotions, and mindful movement. Mindfulness isn’t just about the mind and body; the heart must also be engaged. Therefore, we also explore “kindfulness” exercises that promote happiness, gratitude, kindness, and self-compassion. This course provides strategies for helping children focus their attention, build resilience to stress, improve self-regulation, and develop a positive mindset. (Kindergarten – adult)
  • The Art and Science of Rock Balancing  Let your hands create and your mind imagine as you experiment with physics and art in this fun and engaging STEAM activity – a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math activity that incorporates the Arts. This workshop combines exploration of gravity and engineering principles with creativity and imagination! Participants will be inspired by watching a rock balance artist at work and then will try their hand first at “stacking” rocks and then (if they want an extra challenge) balancing them in artistic, counterbalanced sculptures. They will learn through trial and error in an environment of playful experimentation. The workshop is designed to facilitate personal empowerment and risk-taking in the spirit of playful curiosity. It is an opportunity to cultivate concentration, imagination, creativity, equanimity, calm, patience, and persistence. Participants will engage in problem-solving and will be encouraged to explore possibilities and learn as much from failures as successes. (Grade 4 – adult)
  • Fascinating Folds: Beginning Origami  Are you curious about how paper can be folded to make a bird, a fish, a flower, a book, or a box? This class will introduce you to origami, the Japanese art of paper folding, and give you the tools for creating a wide variety of origami structures. You will learn how to read and understand origami instructions and have the opportunity to use your developing skills to construct graceful mobiles, elegant flower bouquets, creative greeting cards, and impressive modular structures. All you need is curiosity, patience, and some practice to learn to create almost anything with folded paper! (Grade 4 – adult)

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